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Over this next weekend, we will be making our THIRD change of software.

Why? Read on –

Office Work

Our first incarnation was never really visible to anyone – unless you knew where to look of course. This was a really nice piece of kit, but we thought that it might cause some confusion as there were so many ‘add-ons’ to configure. Our policy quickly became ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, and don’t start adding extras that might cause problems’.

The second incarnation is up now on the website. It’s ok, but we’ve had a couple of enquiries about image sizes. The way we see it, image sizes should be obvious.

The third incarnation – the one we’re working on now – gets rid of any questions regarding image sizes and numbers of images allowed, and also makes it a little more obvious how new clients can advertise. This should be up and running by next week, and we forsee no problems for our present advertisers.

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