Liv-an-Upcycle in Nottingham – an Original Concept in Recycling

I first met Lenny at Royalnatty in Nottingham, when he went through great lengths to explain all the products available in there. During the ensuing conversation, he happened to mention his own website that sold mainly re-cycled goods on the Trinity Square Sunday Market – a venue that we’ll be visiting very soon.

Our first news post then, looks at this re-cycling type of product. Lenny’s website proudly announces that Notebooks, Jewellery, Computer Parts, Coasters, and Album Cover Clocks are readily available to the general public…

Livanup Coasters

7″ Singles as Coasters


Liveanup Plant Pots

12″ Discs as Plant Holders


…and many more items to mention.

We will be looking forward immensely to viewing Liv-an-Upcycle’s full catalogue at the Trinity Square Market in the near future, so we’ll see you there soon!


Livanupcycle Logo

Sources –

Liv-an-Upcycle website –

Liv-an-Upcycle on Facebook

Liv-an-Upcycle on Twitter

Liv-an-Upcycle Listing on This is Nottingham



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